Do you deliver?

Yes! We offer free delivery to the French Quarter, CBD, Warehouse District, and the Marigny Triangle. This service starts at 11am. For earlier delivery, please use UberEats or DoorDash.

How do I place an order for delivery?

If you want juice delivered to you, you can either call the juice bar (504-345-2770) or text the delivery line (504-266-6774). Please make sure and include detailed delivery instructions. For example, if your juice is being delivered to you at work, please tell us exactly how to find you (are you behind the bar, which office/desk are you at, what do we need to tell the security guard or receptionist, or if you prefer that we meet your outside, etc). Also, while we understand that if you are at work, you may be busy, but please don’t make our delivery person wait too long because we are busy too.

Do you deliver outside of those neighborhoods?

This depends on our delivery driver availability. We are flexible so just call the store and we will see if we can work something out.

Is there an order minimum for delivery?

The order minimum is $8.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! But unlike other rewards programs that reward you with every purchase, ours is about incentivizing recycling. We reuse our glass bottles, so for every returned bottle, you get a punch in your punch card. After 10 returned bottles, you get a free juice! While we only give punch credits for 12oz bottles, we do take back all of our bottles.

My punch card is full! Can I get my free juice delivered?

Yes! Call or text and we’ll bring your free juice.

Do I get a punch for recycling the 2oz ginger shot bottles or the 8oz coffee bottles?

While we only give punch credits for 12oz bottles, we do take back all of our bottles!

How do I get involved with The Next Sober Life?

The Next Sober Life has different elements that you can get involved in. We host weekly free happy hours around the city for sober, sober-curious, and sober allies. We welcome any and all to join us as we kick back and mingle with other open-minded, health-conscious individuals. We even welcome those of you that do drink to enjoy a cocktail. We never try to dictate what anyone should or shouldn’t do and who and when they can get together. **Happy hours will start back up whenever COVID-19 allows.

I’m ready to give sobriety a shot. How can I receive more guidance from The Next Sober Life?

If you are interested in clearing your mind, detoxing your body, and setting yourself up for long-term health through sobriety, we recommend you start your journey with the 40 Day Warrior Challenge. Not for the uncertain or the weak of heart, this guided online course will kick start your health and sobriety journey and take your mental strength to places you never thought possible. The purpose of the course is to challenge you, to test your limits, and to prove that you can do anything you put your mind to.

The Warrior Challenge sounds great, but what if I want a more personalized journey?

Scorch offers one-on-one Sober Life coaching at a monthly rate. If this is something you’re interested in, call the juice bar, and we will arrange a meeting for you.

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