This cleanse is packed with vitamin C, electrolytes, and healing ingredients like ginger and garlic to kick start your immune system and knock that bug before it starts.

You will start the day with 1 oz of raw apple cider vinegar in 12 oz of water

Next you will drink your choice of Wellness Shot (Ginger Shot is recommended for maximum immunity benefits)

Your first big juice of Day 1 will be Tropical Storm
Day 2 & 3, the first juice of the day will be Dr. Big Shot; both great for hydration and electrolytes

2nd will be a the Root + Fruit which has lots of Vitamin C

3rd, we will set you up with Vampire Slayer for a filling juice that knocks out most illnesses

4th full sized juice is And Everything Nice for an energizing green juice with ginger and apple for immunity

The last juice of the day is a super green juice, for a low-carb choice that is best before bed

You will also be provided with 2 oz of lemon juice per day that you will add to 1 gallon of water, which you should finish each day

(Water is not included in the cleanse, but we do sell alkaline water by the gallon if you need)