espresso drinks

We serve Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, and Americano in store using a fabulous blend of Mexican and Guatemalan coffee for a rich chocolatey flavor with just the right amount of acid to hold up on its own or with milk.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

antidote latte

The Antidote Latte

Our signature espresso latte with activated charcoal and collagen; this drink helps to improve your hair, skin, and nails, can reduce inflammation, contains 15g protein, and has detox properties.

Available iced or hot

Adaptogenic Latte

Combining Glow Flow adaptogen blend with flavors (turmeric, matcha, cacao, or beet-rose), these lattes are a delicious way to enjoy your morning drink without the caffeine. This adaptogen blend is specifically formulated to energize without jitters, to soothe stress and fatigue, and to improve your health at a cellular level.

Available iced or hot

CBD Miel Latte

Our exclusive CBD-infused raw honey is steamed into the milk to create a toasted honey flavor.

Chai Latte

The best chai in Nola. Using Tava’s Chai Masala blend, this chai is all natural with authentic flavor and comes unsweetened, although we can certainly add simple syrup if you prefer!

available iced or hot


Paradigm Shift is our signature roast with Hey! Coffee. A single-origin Peruvian fair-trade, organic, washed coffee, it is mellow and smooth with notes of chocolate, floral honey, and apple. We created this coffee as a way to emphasize the impact that coffee has on our lives as we seek to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Whether you are working on your goals, traveling the world, gathering with friends, or sitting down to a meeting, coffee is always the centerpiece.

Housemade Almond Mylk

Made in our cold-press juicer using only 2 ingredients: almonds and water, this almond mylk is unlike anything you’ve ever had. The flavor is rich and creamy and actually tastes like almond. You can substitute this almond mylk into any of our drinks for an additional charge.



Organic Cold-Pressed Coffee (Honduras), black and ready-to-drink; the perfect cold-brew coffee


Organic Cold-Pressed Coffee (Guatemala, House-Made Almond Mylk, Dates, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Salt