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New Orleans Premier Juice, Smoothie, and Health Foods Shop.

The Antidote Juice is brought to you by The Next Sober Life, est. 2016, which combines whole-body health, goal-setting, and inclusivity between the sober, sober-curious, and sober allies of the New Orleans community.

Our juices are raw, unpasteurized, and never HPP (high-pressure pasteurization). We do not dilute our juices with water. We do not sweeten our juice with sugar. What we list on the label is what you get in the juice. All of our juices are made in-house, and we juice every day, so everything is absolutely fresh! We do not use seed oils, only imported extra virgin olive oil. No sugar? No problem! We do not use processed sugar. Some of our breakfast items are sweetened with honey or date. Most of our smoothies are naturally sweet from the fruit; a few are sweetened with date. Again, no processed sugars here! We do not promote any fad diets. We only promote clean eating, meaning no hidden ingredients, as close to nature as possible. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, dairy-free, gluten-free, or sugar-free, you will find something here that will keep your healthy habits on track. Environmentally conscious, we use glass bottles which we accept back to reuse in exchange for punches towards free juice.

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